Bipartisanship: Government Shutdown

Bipartisanship is a word that is thrown around a lot. But it’s a word that doesn’t seem to have that much of an effect anymore . Now, more than ever, it seems imperative that someone steps up. A government shut down is no laughing matter. Citizens will suffer. Men and women serving our nation will suffer. Children will share more of the consequences than most are willing to admit. Most people are very familiar with the fact that they will not be able to get into national parks. Alcatraz is closed. The Statue of Liberty is closed! But here is a great article of consequences that lie far beyond a ruined vacation:

Even now, everyone seems to be fixated on one thing: Who is to blame? On facebook, on twitter, people who know very little about politics are pointing fingers. At each other, but never back at themselves. We have all created this environment.

All I want to know is, WHO IS GOING TO REMEDY THIS? How, and how soon? It’s time for people to take a stand. Yes, democrats and republicans have differences. But at what expense are we willing to continue this feud? A common ground must be found. Immediately.

Let’s stop pointing fingers. Let’s demand a remedy. A bipartisanship. If Congress will not come together, let’s do it ourselves.